November 6, 2017

Services we offer

Peanut Solutions offers basic BPO services that are uncomplicated in nature.

You can rely on us for data gathering and mining, data entry, data verification, lead generation, running custom queries and various support services (managing pages, answering customer queries, analyzing requests and forwarding etc.) to fill-in the chains in your business work-flow at an affordable cost.

We say that we are SME service provider, as our capacity does not, yet, allow us to take on large workloads and complex operations that are often sought by big companies and corporations.

To us, every client and his/her needs are unique. After an initial assessment, we propose custom-made solution / arrangement for each client and usually seek to implement it in three phases.

In the first phase we allocate the resources for the task and also specify the work process and run the operations in trial mode. A supervisor with good experience is usually tagged along at this stage to monitor the efficiency, workload, accuracy and compliance with customer requirements. Once this stage is complete – which can run from 24-hours to a week, we sit with our client and discuss the output.

The second phase then begins, based on process / workforce amends and additional training or resources, if necessary. This phase is also short and runs without an additional supervisor. At the end of this period, we expect to reach 100% client satisfaction in our service delivery quality.

The third phase is where operations at our end is expected to seamlessly integrate with yours to bring you genuine benefits from BPO. We set review intervals and coordination checkpoints with the client and continue the services.

At all times, a senior person in the firm is made accessible by the client, in case there is any disruption, complication or unwarranted incident.

Move with us and we will help us both move faster. We call it synergy. Cheers!